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Mission Run Competition Experience with TRIS: Travel in Style the Korean Way!

What is TRIS?

TRIS is a new start up travel company based in Seoul that seeks to connect travelers going to Korea with unique and fun travel experiences; along with connecting travelers with expert locals. A few weekends ago, my friends and I linked up with TRIS to try out one of the many services they provide, the mission run! This blog features our experience working with TRIS and the various missions we got to compete in! At the end of this post, you'll be able to cast your vote for your favorite team (ahem, team black) and watch a Youtube video of us all, showcasing the adventure!

Teaming Up

On a Sunday morning my Jd, and I met up with our friends Mitch and Joanna to experience our first mission run. We arrive at a cafe in Seoul to meet up with the directors and executives of TRIS, an online travel market connecting travelers from around the globe with Korean locals. After an explanation of the company's mission, we were given T-shirts that divided us into two teams; Team White, and Team Black! We were being set up for a day of friendly competition around Seoul, which if you ask me, sounds like a perfect way to spend a Sunday. JD and I were team black, while Mitch and Joanna were team white.

On a Mission (Run)

After being divided into teams we were told that we would participate in a series of missions throughout the day. With the help of our phones, we would be sent various clues and pictures hinting at ways to complete each mission. To get around, the executives were kind enough to drive us to our various destinations since each mission was pretty spread out around Seoul. This was exciting because we would be able to explore a lot of the city in one day.

Challenge #1 : Seoul Fortress Wall Spelling Bee & Hike

The first challenge of the day was walking to a beautiful fortress wall that was still standing in the city, for a fun spelling bee challenge. We had to spell 경상 남도 in English, and though it was hard, I managed to spell Gyeongsangnam-do correctly! (This is all the redemption I needed after being the 1st out during my 3rd grade spelling bee after spelling Comet wrong.)

Challenge #2 : Waryong Park Cliff-side Photo Location Spotting

After hiking along some of the fortress walls, we made our way to Waryong Park, (와룡공원). We each received a clue on our phones. It was a photo of a lookout that we'd have to find along with photos of some hints on how to get there. We all walked at a pretty leisurely place and all worked together actually to find the spot. Mitch and Joanna managed to get in front of us, and it was hard to pass them along the way with all the older Koreans hiking that day in full gear taking up space on the trails. The lookout offered amazing views of downtown Seoul; we could see the Jongno area, and Gyeongbokgung Palace!

Challenge #3: I Spy Game in a Buddhist Temple

Next, we were transported to a nearby Buddhist Temple, Gilsangsa Temple. The temple was stunning because it was all decked out for Buddha's upcoming birthday this month! There were hundreds of colorful lanterns strung about the grounds. We got to stroll through before being texted our next clue. "Find Joanna." the clue read. We took this clue literally, and all scrambled to find Joanna's name somewhere around the temple. We peeked into the main hall where there were some buddhists praying and figured the clue wouldn't be inside. However, looking overhead we noticed that the hanging lanterns each had names written on them all. Not only that, but the names were in hanguel. Go figure. After a few minutes staring at the lanterns we recieved another clue that read, "523". We instantly noticed the lanterns also happened to be numbered so with this newfound information, I was able to spot the lantern that read, 조아나 or Joanna! We all laughed that Joanna came to find herself in a Buddhist temple.

Exploring the beautiful temples was such a fun experience!

Challenge #4: Market Haggling; Finding the best deals

Lastly we were driven to a small market in Dongdaemun known as the Seoul Folk Flea Market. The streets were flooded with eager shoppers and vendors selling everything from belts to antique accordions. This challenge was interesting because we got to each choose an envelope with a mystery amount of money inside! Joanna and I each hit the "jackpot" with ₩10,00o won, while JD had ₩5,000 won, and Mitch, who would encounter the biggest challenge of all, had only ₩1,000 won to bargain with! It was exciting to put our bargaining skills to the test. Market shopping is really great for any budget because we were all able to find something! Joanna came out with the best deal haggling down the price of a beautiful amethyst stone from ₩30,000 to just ₩10,000!

I was able to snag this cute rose quartz elephant for ‎₩10,000 won!

Lights, Camera, Action - Interview Time at the Korean Stone Art Museum

After the missions, we headed towards the Korean Stone Art museum! I was surprised at how beautiful and even interesting, a stone art museum would be. The rooftop of the museum offered more great views of Seoul. At the museum the directors set up the cameras and we each got to share what our favorite mission of the day was.

Vote For Your Favorite Team!

Voting is currently open, the team with the most votes will win a prize! Help me and JD out by voting for the Black Team here: https://www.tris.world/

Check out the Youtube videos to see all of the action.

TRIS Review

Here is another video of our thoughts on the mission run!

Needless to say, we really enjoyed our time with TRIS. As we said, we got to try unique activities that we may not have done or planned for on our own. Everyone at TRIS was very friendly, eager, and passionate about delivering top-notch experiences to travelers. I am excited to see what they have to offer in the future. If you, or anyone else you may know is traveling to Korea soon, be sure to keep TRIS on your radar.

Also, thank you Joanna for sharing this opportunity with us! If you are currently living in Seoul, and interested in Health and wellness tips, check out her tips and blogs at My Healthy Seoul.

Thanks for reading! As always feel free to reach out with any questions or comments. :)


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Youtube Video by Tris World

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