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Yongma Land: Abandoned Amusement Park in Seoul (용마랜드)

Enter at your own risk

Tis' the season for all things spooky and eerie. What better way to spend a weekend in October, than exploring an abandoned amusement park? Yes, even though Lotte World had a Halloween theme, my friends and I ventured out to Yongma Land (용마랜드) instead.

The story behind the abandoned park

During the 1980's, Yongma Land was just your average amusement park filled with bright and whimsical rides, and likely overpriced concessions. This was a great destination for families...that is until Lotte World became the cool new kid in town in 1989. There are running rumors of the park being haunted, and that a terrible accident had occured there. Somehow the classic park managed to survive over the decades. However, in 2011 owners of Yongma Land had no choice but to face the music, and sell the park due to continuous low profits.


Though the liveliness and youthful nature of the park died over time, a business owner was able to revitalize the place. The transformation was zombie-like in nature in that one can still recognize the park, but it's apparent that the place does not function like it's original state. The man in the photo above was charging park goers a ₩ 10,000 entrance fee.

We eagerly paid and shuffled single file into the turnstile gate.

Exploring the grounds

What awaited us was just a skeleton of an amusement park. Classic rides such as the carousel and viking ship were in their original places, but there lacked droves of families, festive music, and the smell of freshly popped popcorn and spun cotton-candy. As we explored, it felt like walking through a graveyard for all the rides and family memories left behind in the past.

The once bright colors were severely faded on broken down rides and machines.

Rows of bumper cars idly lined the grounds. The aptly named wipe-out ride was clearly at the end of it's run. Rust had overtaken many of the structures. Windows to the attraction's control booths had been smashed.

Spiders had found new homes in the crevices of rusted metal covered in chipped paint.

Walking through the park we noticed it was pretty quiet, and to me it felt like a Walking Dead scene waiting to happen. In fact, the park is gaining in popularity as it is a good place to film music videos or take professional photography. We noticed a few people dressed in cosplay taking advantage of the scenery.

Biggest perk of going to an abandoned park? No lines!

My friends and I had a good time getting on the rides and pushing each other to try and get them to move once again.

For an abandoned amusement park, there was a certain charm to it. The quiet was both eerie and peaceful.

When I say charm, I mean just a slight charm. The park owner had decorated the park for the occasion. Our time at Yongma land was both chilly and chilling.

This place is the perfect destination for those who love all things creepy. Even for those who don't, it's not everyday you get to explore an abandoned place! My friends and I had a good time running around we our banana and avocado costumes, and we weren't the only ones dressed up! We only stayed during the day, but the owners recommended also paying a visit at night when the park lights are lit for a different vibe.

How to get here

Yongma Land is in Seoul and easily accessible via the subway. The best stop to go to would be Mangu Station on the olive green line 7, exit 1. From Mangu Station, it is about a 20 minute walk through the neighborhood. The park is located on a hill and it is best if you can use your phone to locate the exact spot.

Address in Korean: 용마공원 놀이동산, 서울시 중랑구 망우동.

As you are about to enter the park you may notice this uninviting guest staring you down.

Here's a brief video of our adventures in Yongma:

Happy Halloween!


Check out other photos from our trip below:

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