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Austria: Feelin' salty in Salzbergwerk Dürrnberg

My family took a road-trip down to Austria from Ansbach, Germany one summer while we were stationed there. We were always going on weekend trips then. My sisters and I were young, I was probably 10 so we don't remember too much. The drive was only 3 and hours long although with three kids in tow I'm sure we made many stops along the way. I remember once we entered into Austria seeing a lot of green rolling hills.

The one day we do remember is the day we explored the Hallein Saltmines or Salzbergwerk Dürrnberg. This experience was so freakin' cool. We had to put on funny white jumpers to keep our clothes from getting ruined in the caves. I remember we took a little train to the area before heading in.

We actually got to walk across the border of Austria and Germany through the underground path. At some point we had to face our fears and slide down a huge wooden slide that miners would use in order to descend further down. (Insert expensive souvenir photo with embarrassing faces here)

Towards the end there's a neat boat trip that takes you across a salt lake in the mines. The gift shop offers neat salt rocks you can buy and take with you.

It was super cool to experience it as a kid, and my good friend vouches that it's still an awesome experience as a twenty-something.

Hopefully, I'll get to return to Austria someday to visit friends and explore.

Auf Wiedersehen


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